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Serpentine Extrait de Parfum

Serpentine Extrait de Parfum

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*15 ml and 50 ml bottles are temporarily out of stock while we switch to our new bottles*

A ripe fig plucked from the tree, drizzled lightly with caramelized honey and spiced with a luxurious helping of cardamom - it’s no wonder that the irresistible fruit offered by the serpent in the Garden of Eden is said to have been a fig. A soft, golden haze will surround you throughout the day, beckoning others to come closer.

Notes: Ripe figs, fig leaf, cardamom, caramelized honey, vanilla, Peru balsam, Cedar, Iso E Super

Category: Aromatic Woods

*Alcohol-based perfumes cannot be shipped internationally. If you are outside of the U.S., please choose an oil-based version.

Available in a 6ml bottle (with or without rollerball) in fractionated coconut oil and in alcohol spray format as a 15 ml travel size or 50 ml full size. Sample sizes are also available. 15 ml and 50 ml sizes arrive packaged in a custom box.

Perfume may appear cloudy due to natural oils. Perfume may darken over time due to natural vanilla content.

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