What has changed? 

8/28/23 Update: I am getting ready to add Where the Wild Things Grow (Version 1) and Sit for a Spell to the GC so that they will be available year-round (and I will restock Sit for a Spell as soon as I have the ingredient needed for it). 

I am also going to make our retired/special order scents available in alcohol format! Still no sample sizes for those. I am also going to add more of our GC scents to the retired/special order scents section in an effort to reduce our processing time for orders with seasonal and GC scents. Keep in mind that if you order a special order scent, it may take a week or two longer to ship than our posted processing time!

The following will be retired/moved to special order on August 31: Her Kind, Clairsentient, Something Wicked, Mermaids Sing of Lost Lovers, Aliens Go Ice Skating, We Are All Stardust, Between the Sheets, Villanelle's Happy Ending and Strings of Light in the Forest.

I am also transitioning to a 15 ml travel size from the current 10 ml, because the 10 ml size was not reliably available. The site will update with the new size on August 31st!

Sit for a Spell and The Cookie Party are currently delayed on restocks because of a delay on the manufacturer's side for an ingredient they share. I have two suppliers working on it for me and I have confidence that we will have them back, I'm just not sure when (the timelines given to me keep getting pushed back). If you are waiting for them to restock, the best thing to do is sign up for the automatic restock notification. If you are waiting for an order with one of these, let me know if you need to cancel and I can do that for you at any time.

For new collections, I am expecting to release our fall seasonal collection The Hauntings (3 returning scents and 2 new) in mid-September and The Dangerous Creatures in early- to mid-October.

 We also now have a studio space in the NoDa neighborhood of Charlotte, NC, and have welcomed 3 employees to our team who are helping with operational tasks and order fulfillment. I am hoping to open the studio space to visitors in September/October, set up a structure for custom orders, and offer an international spray option and worldwide shipping for our international customers. I would ultimately love to offer some workshops in the studio as well. These aren't ready yet, but I wanted to share where we are headed!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create perfume as a form of accessible, wearable art and self-expression made from high-quality materials. Our perfume is high-quality, whimsical, and always "crave-able".

Our Materials:

We make handcrafted, small-batch fine perfume in fractionated coconut oil and alcohol bases. We use natural absolutes, oils, CO2 extracts, and isolates, as well as synthetic ingredients, which often offer increased affordability, sustainability, skin safety, and olfactory effects that would not be possible with only natural ingredients. We do usually follow IFRA guidelines and will note on product pages if formulas deviate (for example, rose ketones and some natural oils) so that our customers can make informed decisions.

Our natural materials are sourced from highly reputable suppliers in perfumery who specialize in, and are extremely knowledgeable of, the procurement of natural materials of the highest quality. They are small businesses who work closely with producers and are knowledgeable of the materials' origins.

We absolutely do not use pre-blended fragrance oils, which are more suited for candles and bath and body products, of any kind.

All of our scents are vegetarian, but not all are vegan (beeswax, honey, wool musk, and butter extracts are sometimes components of our perfumes). If a product is not vegan, it will be noted, and why.

“Additional materials of interest” are listed on our perfume product pages to support those who are training their noses to recognize certain materials, and identify their likes/dislikes across scents. This is not a complete list of ingredients/materials. These are typically musks, salicylates, and naturals that are unlisted in the notes because they are contributing to a certain note (such as water, air, sheets, salted skin) or effect (creamy, hot, fuzzy, bright, airy, cozy, metallic, etc.) We hope to make perfume purchasing just a little easier for those who make smelling lots of things a hobby! If you find these materials more confusing than helpful, please disregard, as the notes section is what you will primarily notice in the perfume. 

Perfume Appearance:

Perfume oils may appear cloudy (particularly with blends containing natural oils, such as juniper, and coconut CO2), separate (particularly common with blends containing cocoa), or darken over time (usually the result of natural vanilla components). These are natural occurrences and typically do not require remediation (a gentle shake to separated contents should work in that instance).

Is my perfume discontinued?

No! I hate the idea of falling in love with a scent that won't be available when I want more of it. To make room for new scents, I have a seasonal rotation and a retired/special order section. Seasonal scents rotate back in stock seasonally, with the potential to be added to the GC so that they can be available year-round. Retired/special order scents are still available in both alcohol and oil-based formats as of August 31st 2023, but won't be available for sampling and may extend the processing time of your order by 1-2 weeks. The only time a perfume itself will be discontinued is if a key ingredient is no longer available.


Our oils are typically not filtered, which allows components to age and evolve beautifully over time. Depending on the availability of the scents in your order, they may be rested and aged for up to 3 weeks, or they may be made-to-order, and therefore will benefit from a short resting period. Many find that a short rest of 2-5 days improves the scent quality and projection after receipt in the mail, as the perfume recovers from the temperature fluctuations in shipping (this applies especially to oil-based perfume) and macerates fully.


Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on products. A refund or replacement may be available if there is a documented issue with the product or order. When perfumes are returned to larger stores, they must be destroyed - this is a cost that we cannot incur as a small business. We offer samples to prevent a situation in which you are dissatisfied with a scent - please sample first!

We are not responsible for replacing or refunding items that are not delivered/misdelivered or damaged in the process of shipping, although I do help in these situations - just email to ask. 


Orders typically ship within 3-10 business days; please see banner at the top of the site for current turnaround time (TAT). Business days includes M-F, excluding U.S. holidays. We also do not “batch” our orders, meaning when your shipping label is created and you are notified that your product has shipped, you should expect to see movement within the next 24-48 hours.

If your order includes a special order product, please expect your order to take longer to ship than the estimated general TAT (see above). 

Orders do not always ship in the order in which they are received. I may be waiting for a bottle size to arrive, a label for a certain scent, or for a batch of a scent to be ready. Please do not worry if you know someone who ordered after you, and their order shipped before yours. I will communicate with you if there is any reason that your order will ship past the posted estimated TAT. TAT is subject to change, although I try my best to honor what it was at the time that you ordered. Check the banner at the top of the site for updates!

Contact Us:

Please feel free to email us with ANY questions. We are happy to help as much as we are able. 

You can reach us at sorcellerieapoth@gmail.com