What has changed? (Updated 3/11/23)

As our business has grown beyond my wildest expectations this year, I've found it necessary to make a few changes to our scents, sizes, and prices. Here is a quick overview of the changes:

- 21 scents (including some that were formerly seasonal) will now be General Catalogue (GC). These will be available year-round, in oil and alcohol formats. I am also working on an international spray format option. The scents that are now available year-round (that were previously seasonal) include 2 AM in Lafayette, Between the Sheets, Snow Moon Magic, The Cookie Party, Strings of Light in the Forest, and Mermaids Sing of Lost Lovers. These choices were made based on sales data, community feedback, and perfumer's discretion.

- To make room for expanded alcohol-based options, and new GC scents, a few have been retired and will now be available by special order (6 ml oils only, with or without rollerball). These will be either kept in small batches in the studio and replenished regularly, or made to order, and may extend your order’s shipping time an additional 7-10 business days from our stated turnaround time (TAT).

Ex: If our stated TAT is 5-8 business days, and your order includes a special order, please expect to receive a shipping notification for your order in about 12-18 business days.

Retired scents include Good at Being Bad, Cake for Breakfast, Dreaming Evil, Love and Complications, Beautiful, But Annihilating, Party Under the Oak Trees, UFO Disco, Circe, Your GF is A BA, Midnight Wedding, Love and the Sea

- 3.7 ml oils will no longer be available. The packaging size was too unreliable (dips and waves in the glass meant actual volume ranged from 3.7-5 ml) and not significant enough of a difference from the 6 ml option to justify the continued space and overhead cost.

- Alcohol-based sprays will now be available in a 10 ml travel size, or a 50 ml full size, in upgraded packaging and a custom box. The 15 ml size will no longer be available. All 21 of our GC scents will be available in both oil and alcohol.

- Sample sets are back! We will also have discovery sets for our alcohol-based perfumes, which come with a $10 off code for a 50 ml bottle.

- For several reasons, we are removing the two-tier pricing system. All scents will now be available at one price in their various size options, unless an exception is necessary in the future. Fuckery, Something Wicked, Her Kind, Clairsentient, A Party, Or Something, The Cookie Party, What Big Eyes You Have, She's A Witch, Reduced To A Thing That Wants You, and I Think About You, Too will now be on the same price tier as the scents formerly labeled "premium," except for alcohol-based samples. Example: Fuckery, which was previously available for $16.25 for a 6 ml oil rollerball, will now be the same price as Moon Magic ($21.25). The scents previously labeled "premium" will still be the same price in all sizes (except the price of 3 ml alcohol-based sample sprays, which will now be lowered to $8.25 for all scents).

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create perfume as a form of accessible, wearable art and self-expression made from high-quality materials. Our perfume is luxurious, whimsical, and always "crave-able".

Our Materials:

We make handcrafted, small-batch fine perfume in fractionated coconut oil and alcohol bases. We use natural absolutes, oils, CO2 extracts, and isolates, as well as high-quality safe synthetic ingredients. As an individual with an autoimmune disease, it is important to me that customers can have peace of mind that their perfume does not have secret, potentially harmful ingredients. While our products are not marketed as "clean" beauty, they do meet many of the "clean beauty" standards set by major retailers. We do not use chemicals frequently cited as potentially dangerous "hidden ingredients" in fragrances, including phthalates, benzophenone, BHA, EDTA, acetonitrile, benzalkonium chloride, methylene chloride, formaldehyde, PTFE, PFOA, naphthalene, and musk ketones. If you are curious or concerned about the inclusion of a particular ingredient in our products, please e-mail us and we will be happy to assist.

We use what scents work best in the blend, whether natural or synthetic, while also considering cost with the intention of keeping our products accessible, as well as sustainability and safety. We do usually follow IFRA guidelines, and will note on product pages if formulas deviate (for example, oakmoss, rose ketones, and citrus oil content) so that our customers can make informed decisions.

Our natural materials are sourced from highly reputable suppliers in perfumery who specialize in, and are extremely knowledgeable of, the procurement of natural materials of the highest quality. They are small businesses who work closely with producers and are knowledgeable of the materials' origins.

We absolutely do not use pre-blended fragrance oils, which are more suited for candles and bath and body products, of any kind.

All of our scents are vegetarian, but not all are vegan (beeswax, honey, wool musk, and butter extracts are sometimes components of our perfumes). If a product is not vegan, it will be noted, and why.

“Additional materials of interest” are listed on our perfume product pages to support those who are training their noses to recognize certain materials, and identify their likes/dislikes across scents. This is not a complete list of ingredients/materials. These are typically musks, salicylates, and naturals that are unlisted in the notes because they are contributing to a certain note (such as water, air, sheets, salted skin) or effect (creamy, hot, fuzzy, bright, airy, cozy, metallic, etc.) We hope to make perfume purchasing just a little easier for those who make smelling lots of things a hobby! If you find these materials more confusing than helpful, please disregard, as the notes section is what you will primarily notice in the perfume. 

Perfume Appearance:

Perfume oils may appear cloudy (particularly with blends containing natural oils, such as juniper, and coconut CO2), separate (particularly common with blends containing cocoa), or darken over time (usually the result of natural vanilla components). These are natural occurrences and typically do not require remediation (a gentle shake to separated contents should work in that instance).


Our oils are typically not filtered, which allows components to age and evolve beautifully over time. Depending on the availability of the scents in your order, they may be rested and aged for up to 3 weeks, or they may be made-to-order, and therefore will benefit from a short resting period. Many find that a short rest of 2-5 days improves the scent quality and projection after receipt in the mail, as the perfume recovers from the temperature fluctuations in shipping (this applies especially to oil-based perfume) and macerates fully.


Orders typically ship within 3-10 business days; please see banner at the top of the site for current turnaround time (TAT). Business days includes M-F, excluding U.S. holidays. We also do not “batch” our orders, meaning when your shipping label is created and you are notified that your product has shipped, you should expect to see movement within the next 24-48 hours.

Contact Us:

Please feel free to email us with ANY questions. We are happy to help as much as we are able. 

You can reach us at sorcellerieapoth@gmail.com