Master Scent List

The General Collection - Available in Oil and Alcohol-based Spray

Fuckery: Luxardo cherry, caramelized sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood, tobacco absolute, smoke, night air, clean sheets

She's A Witch: Pizzelle cookies studded with anise seeds and dusted with powdered sugar; heliotrope, soft woods, musk

I Think About You, Too: Wild orange, petitgrain, orange blossom, caramelized sugar, Ambroxan

The Cookie Party: Mouthwatering, buttery toffee, hot cocoa with floofy marshmallow, mounds of coconut, and pecan shortbread cookies

Snow Moon Magic: Our best-selling Moon Magic gets extra cozy for winter with the addition of fluffy marshmallow, a house tincture of Tahitian vanilla beans, and gooey cookie butter  *next batch will be available in June 2023

Moon Magic: Lavender sugar, vanilla steamed milk, chai spices, tonka bean, Cashmeran, Ambroxan, crystals charged by the moonlight (our crystal accord)

Her Kind: Amber, musk, sandalwood, benzoin, Cashmeran, myrrh, vanilla, wisps of smoke

Clairsentient: A fizzy blackberry, raspberry and bergamot cocktail, spun sugar, juniper berries, floaty vanilla, Iso E Super

Something Wicked: Vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, whiskey

A Party, Or Something: Marigolds, yellow cake, white chocolate, pistachio buttercream, Iso E Super, Cashmeran

Reduced to a Thing That Wants You: Yellow mandarin, pink pepper, tuberose, vanilla bean, marshmallow cream, sandalwood, nutmeg, sheer amber, warm skin and clean sheets

A Witch's Valentine: Marshmallow, Moroccan rose absolute, raspberry puree, white chocolate, the softest suede

Villanelle's Happy Ending: Pink pepper, strawberry milk, vanilla, cherry blossom, Cashmeran, creamy dreamy sandalwood, cedar, cyanide

Mermaids Sing of Lost Lovers: Grenadine, heady Egyptian jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, white chocolate, caramel, ambergris

Strings of Light in the Forest: Vanilla milkshake, vetiver, lavender, beeswax absolute, golden orbs of amber, Ambroxan

Aliens Go Ice Skating: Winter air, sparkling snow, iris, black pepper, Indian vetiver, peru balsam, cocoa butter, tonka bean butter, tonka bean absolute, cashmere scarves, and a strangely colored sky.

We Are All Stardust: Sandalwood nut co2, Australian sandalwood, beeswax absolute, Iso E Super, Ambroxan, labdanum, vanilla

The Ancient Waters of Venus: An opening of bright, sugared lychee with a hint of almond softens to a delicate blend of pink lotus absolute, peony, siam wood, cool water and rising mist.

What Big Eyes You Have: Immortelle absolute, lemon meringue pie, pearlescent vanilla musk

Between The Sheets: Figs, cream, beeswax absolute, cashmere, wool, skin musk

2 AM in Lafayette: Vanilla co2, oakmoss, cafe au lait, ribbons of caramel, beignets dusted with powdered sugar

In The Witch's Garden (Spring Seasonal Collection) - Available in late April 2023 (oil format only)

Falling Stars (Mean You Are With Me)

Sit For A Spell

Where The Wild Things Grow

Tarot At Tea Time

Rainbow Prism

Dangerous Creatures - Limited Edition - coming Summer 2023 (oil format only)

Scents in this collection will be moved to GC or Special Order based on demand when the collection is retired. Don't worry, they won't disappear completely!

The Fairy Queen’s Revenge: yuzu, sun-warmed apricot, osmanthus absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, peony, wild figs, jasmine tea CO2, herbs to poison her captors, sunlit amber, Siam wood, the waterfall mists and forest floor of her homeland


Follow Me Into The Deep

Don't Whistle In The Woods

You Are Mine

Retired Scents - Now Special Order (oil only)

Circe: Palm trees, flowers carried on a tropical breeze, wild bananas, freshly cracked coconut, sheer vanilla, musk

Love and Complications: Brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk, plumeria, passionfruit and soft woods

Love and the Sea: Passion fruit and raspberry lemonade, salty skin, coconut water, neroli, driftwood, ambergris (vegan, synthetic)

Your Girlfriend is a Badass: Yellow cake with fudge icing, oakmoss, Himalayan cedar, forest floor

Good at Being Bad: Dark, salted vanilla, buttercream, a swirl of honey, and a whisper of jasmine 

Dreaming Evil: Vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin, cocoa, sheer woods, oud

Beautiful, But Annihilating: Fresh coconut, jasmine sambac, tonka bean, salty skin

Midnight Wedding: Bergamot, oud, patchouli, sandalwood, tonka bean, Ambroxan

Cake for Breakfast: Birthday cake, ripe mango, pineapple, coffee, maple syrup, and a hint of cardamom

Party Under the Oak Trees: Fuzzy peach skin warmed in the sun, pink pepper, a hint of cinnamon, sweet tea, oakmoss, cedar, and humid greenery

UFO Disco: Mango lassi sprinkled with cardamom, guava, amyris wood and a holographic vanilla musk  

Summer Daydreams - *Summer Seasonal* 

Sitting on the Edge of a Cloud: Mandarin orange, pink grapefruit, cotton candy, coconut water, amyris wood, sandalwood, palo santo, ambrette, tonka bean *returning scent

Pelicans Dive in the Ocean: Palo santo, pear, fresh linen, sea salt, Ambroxan, ambrette, sunlight playing off of clear blue water *returning scent

Dancing Under the Full Moon: Creamy tuberose absolute and sweet strawberry are tempered with dry woods (Texan cedar and Amyris wood), saffron, desert sand, and hot spices (ginger, cumin, cinnamon) *returning scent

The Hauntings - *Fall Seasonal*

The Ghost Wants Birthday Cake: Warm peach cake spiced with ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom; vanilla bean ice cream, Indian sandalwood Mysore, Australian sandalwood *returning scent

A Bump in the Night: Roasted strawberries with mascarpone cream and golden honey, pecans, burning leaves *returning scent

A Light in the Attic: Dry vanilla, smoke, fallen leaves, suede, juniper leaf, almond, resins, maple syrup *returning scent

Winter Enchantments - *Winter Seasonal* 

Frostbitten: An opening of evergreen forest gilded with sparkling snow dries down to reveal a super-sexy blend of cardamom, white and dripping golden amber, a hint of caramelized sugar, and a memory of a just-bitten maraschino cherry *returning scent

C'est Noel: Coffee, freshly baked cinnamon bread, roasted chestnuts, blown out candles, lingering church incense, and softly falling snow *returning scent

Nothing Burns Like the Cold: Egyptian jasmine absolute, toasted rice, saffron threads, luscious caramel, a trio of vanillas (vanilla CO2, vanilla planifolia accord, and a house tincture of Madagascan vanilla beans), Ambroxan, and velvety musk *returning scent