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Mermaids Sing of Lost Lovers Extrait de Parfum

Mermaids Sing of Lost Lovers Extrait de Parfum

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Sweet grenadine and heady Egyptian jasmine absolute dry down to reveal caramel, white chocolate, and ambergris. Alluring and dangerous.

Hand-blended with high-quality perfumery materials, this scent is formulated at an extrait de parfum strength (more of the good stuff in your bottle) to provide maximum longevity and projection for the scent profile.

Notes: Grenadine, heady Egyptian jasmine absolute, ylang ylang, white chocolate, caramel, ambergris

Additional materials of interest: Ethylene Brassylate, Hedione

Category: Fruity Floral

Available in a 6 ml bottle (with or without rollerball) in fractionated coconut oil and in alcohol spray format as a 10 ml travel size or 50 ml full size. Sample sizes are also available. 10 ml and 50 ml sizes arrive packaged in a custom box.

Perfume may appear cloudy due to natural oils. Perfume may darken over time due to the presence of natural vanilla. 

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