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Clairsentient Extrait de Parfum - Special Order

Clairsentient Extrait de Parfum - Special Order

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*Special order 15 and 50 ml bottles are now packaged in our new (rectangular) bottles with a handwritten label*

Fresh, sweet, and a little unexpected. Juniper berries and bergamot lend a pine-y and citrusy sparkle to this fizzy blackberry and raspberry cocktail of a scent. The dry down features spun sugar and warm, woody musk.

Hand-blended with high-quality perfumery materials, this scent is formulated at an extrait de parfum strength (more of the good stuff in your bottle) to provide maximum longevity and projection for the scent profile.

Notes: A fizzy blackberry, raspberry and bergamot cocktail, spun sugar, juniper berries, floaty vanilla, woody musk and Iso E Super.

Additional materials of interest: Timbersilk, Hedione

Category: Fruity Musk

*Photos of bottles show size and style, and will be updated soon for individual scents. The alcohol-based spray bottles feature different colors for the watercolor splash, and oil bottles feature the scent's label art on the back.

Available in a 6ml bottle (with or without rollerball) in fractionated coconut oil and in alcohol spray format as a 15 ml travel size or 50 ml full size. 15 ml and 50 ml sizes arrive packaged in a custom box.

This perfume is retired and now special order. Please allow an additional 7-10 business days for your order to process and ship with special order items - see FAQ for more details.

*Alcohol-based perfumes cannot be shipped internationally. If you are outside of the U.S., please choose an oil-based version.

Perfume may appear cloudy due to natural oils. Perfume may darken over time due to natural vanilla content.

Please note, this perfume exceed the IFRA guideline on rose ketones, which have the potential to cause dermal sensitivity. 

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